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While vinyasa flow yoga provides many benefits, I was surprised to uncover 10 physical benefits after consistently practicing vinyasa flow yoga several times a week. These are fun benefits that you may discover as you practice vinyasa flow yoga more frequently.


10 surprising yoga benefits


1. Dancing

Each muscle in my body is lengthened and stronger from yoga. Now I can feel all of my muscles as I move my hips, stand tall on my toes, and get low in chair pose. My body is ready for whatever music is playing.

2. Singing

Becoming conscious of my breath was incredible. After practicing all of the various breathing techniques, my lungs are expanded and I sing more fully and melodically (in the car!).

3. Gymnastics

By stretching in the yin practice, I can now get deeper in my splits.

4. Taller without heels

Yoga lengthens my spine. I stand significantly taller with or without heels.

5. Meditation

I used to get uncomfortable sitting without support for more than a few minutes. Now my spine is strong and I enjoy sitting without a chair.

6. SUP

After learning how to balance on the ground, I decided to try it on water. I feel confident balancing on top of the water and enjoy the challenge of SUP (stand up paddleboard).

7. Inversions

After doing inversions and seeing the world from new perspectives, I realized that most of the fears I had were all in my mind. Now I am more likely to try new inversions, meet new people, and be open to life’s fun surprises.

8. Gracefully balancing

When I practice yoga, I still fall on the ground sometimes. Now I more joyfully and gracefully get back up and keep going in the practice and in life.

9. Relaxed driving

I used to hold my breath and clench my teeth in traffic. Yin poses taught me how to breathe deeper into certain poses and into life’s challenges. Now time sitting in traffic feels easier as I listen to music and breathe.

10. Body love

My body surprises me every day. My muscles, joints, and ligaments support my body to strengthen, stretch, and flow. It is a blessing to move and expand in new ways daily.

Sometimes the most fun part of trying new poses is laughing after falling down!

Wishing you so much fun in your next yoga session whether it is at home, in a yoga studio, at the beach, or on a paddleboard!


Photos: All photos were taken in Cancun at the Secrets Silversands Riviera Cancun

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