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The Belmond Collection is a luxury collection that has rapidly expanded in the last decade to include 33 boutique hotels in some of the most remote lands in the world. One location is in Mallorca, Spain, away from the tourist enclaves that horde the beaches. Spanish stone buildings are surrounded by olive trees and island beauty. Another location by Machu Picchu, Peru provides guests with exclusive access to go on private hotel tours. Guests have the space to be in awe of the ruins and mountainous beauty.


Belmond El Encanto


Santa Barbara’s Belmond El Encanto is waiting for you. From Los Angeles, drive up the Malibu coast with views of surfers riding on ocean waves. Santa Barbara boasts an authentic Spanish feel with the Old Mission, stucco buildings with red tile roofs, and street names like El Cielito Road and Alvarado Place.

After arriving in Santa Barbara, drive up the curving road to the Forbes Five-Star hotel, Belmond El Encanto. It is carefully tucked away among trees on a small street. When you arrive, you are welcomed warmly by staff. Staff introduce you to the hotel lounge that feels Californian with a bit of southern classic charm. After checking-in, the staff provide a lovely tour of the grounds and explains the rich history.

Hotel history and renovation

The Belmond El Encanto is the oldest active hotel building and bungalows in Santa Barbara. When the Belmond Hotel Collection started renovation work in 2006, they made sure to preserve much of the original infrastructure. By doing this careful renovation, Belmond Hotel Collection created externally quaint spaces at first glance that are ultimately luxurious upon walking inside. Doors to Belmond El Encanto opened in 2013 after millions of dollars were put into thoughtful interior design features. Notably, Italian marble in the bathrooms warm up at the touch of your feet and an overhead shower feels like a natural waterfall.


Additionally, a petite spa provides the highest quality steam room available to all guests of the hotel. Thoughtful treatments by experienced massage therapists and estheticians will provide a complete hotel experience.

Dog lovers

Furthermore, this Forbes Five-Star hotel’s dog fee is only $35 per night for dogs of all sizes. The fee includes a comfy blue bed, ceramic dog bowls with blue paw prints, fresh bottled water, and a door sign that lets hotel staff know your pup is in the room. The hotel staff will love petting and playing if your dog feels inclined! Before leaving, ask the hotel concierge for a homemade dog biscuit made of duck. The biscuit will likely crumble on the ground and your dog will try to lick up all the pieces. Plus, your dog can meditate and do some sunning on the outdoor couch or on the hammock. You will never have to worry if your dog is having a good time.


Stroll around the secret gardens and discover stone walls with blue doors and palm trees mingling with willow trees. Stop and linger on the dark wood hammock and lounge chairs held by perfectly manicured grass. Continue on to the nearby decorative well and colorful porcelain animal figurines.


If you are considering having a commitment ceremony with your beau, Belmond El Encanto may be the ideal landscape. Enter the rich stone walkway lined with purple flowers and ivy plants and then turn right to face the pond with lilies and tall lemongrass shoots. Turtles plop their shells to the sky and koi fish happily dance in the water. Listen to the stream on the right provide melodic water trickles. Imagine your guests seated on each side of the pond and a lovely walkway for the ceremony leading up to the brick archway.

Bungalows and suites

Seventy bungalows and twenty suites provide a quiet living space for guests. The bungalows and suites are set up like homes. You will quickly settle in and feel move in ready. Melt into your bed as the down comforter cocoons your body. The Deluxe Bungalows include patios that provide retrieve where you can daydream while looking at willow tree leaves. In the Premier Bungalows sit by the gas fireplace and drift off on one of the leather chairs or couches. For the next level, Deluxe Premier Bungalows allow you to savor the Santa Barbara garden, ocean, or city panoramic views. The bungalows range from 350-650ft2. The pictures below are of our stay in the stand alone Deluxe Premier Bungalow King.

Suites house French doors and separate living room spaces. Some include fireplaces, sofa beds for families, patios with outdoor tables, and views of the ocean and city. A lovely bottle of wine may be waiting for you upon arrival.



On warmer months, dip into the tranquil zero-edge pool overlooking the Santa Barbara beaches and ocean. The pool’s water carefully dips over the decking edge. From certain angles, it appears as if the sky and pool kiss.

Restaurant and deck

Happy yellow pillows sit on white beach style outdoor couches and chairs on the deck. Before leaving, have drinks on one of the blue and white tables or enjoy sunset ocean view French meals. Locally-sourced ingredients make these delectable meals healthy.

Overall, Belmond El Encanto will leave you feeling luxuriously refreshed in a way that is completely unique to a Belmond Collection hotel in Santa Barbara.

Location: 800 Alvarado Pl, Santa Barbara, CA 93103

Phone number: 805-845-5800

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