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Discovering Chateau Monfort, a pink building with green window trim, is truly like finding a Cinderella castle. The castle is located in the desirable Milan city center location near the Quadrilatero fashion district, next to the Piazza San Babila.

Chateau Monfort bunnies

As part of the fairy tale theme, bunny decorations surround the hotel. Discover bunnies in the lobby, restaurant, and in your room and bathroom, based on the story of Juan Lapin, a magician’s bunny. The story goes that the magician lost his bunny when he left the castle. When he returned, he found Juan Lapin and many more bunnies! Take a selfie with Juan Lapin for a chance to be featured on the hotel homepage.

Chateau Monfort staff

From the moment of arriving, witness valet dressed in traditional Italian suits. The professional concierge and front desk staff are excited to tell you about the history of the hotel and to pick out your unique room when you arrive. There is a sense of joy in all of the staff, as if the fairy tale has come alive within each of them.

Chateau Monfort lobby

The lobby features fairy tale colors with blue, yellow, purple, and pink hued chairs and glass table tops. Split level stairs lead to a second level with elegant blue texture frame walls with a warm yellow wall paper design. A gold curtain hangs to the side, as if to divide the second floor into a performance stage area. Sometimes they have piano and singing performances from the stage. A dome window is the focal point of the room. Tall glass windows surround the rest of the lobby and face more of the pink hotel. An all-white grand piano sits in the corner of the room, waiting for someone to play a Disney song.

Chateau Monfort rooms

The Milan Chateau Monfort has unique whimsical fairy tale themes throughout all 77 room. The hotel uses its own colorful body and hair products including Ice Green Shampoo. One note, is that many of the rooms have open space or a simple glass divide from the bedroom to the bathroom. The toilet has a private door.

Civetta Superior Room is owl themed with a giant open key hole with glowing owl eyes in the closet and a tilted mirror above the bed with a tree design using a woodturning method by a professional artisan. The headboard is a felt green color and is surrounded by purple walls. The bathrooms feature lovely tile on the walls of either a soft blue or green color.

Hibiscus Executive Room features white hibiscus flower stucco designs on the ceiling and turquoise walls. The imaginative garden theme carries on into the open-air bathroom. Additionally, the room includes a cozy lounge couch and fireplace.

Schiaccianoci Deluxe Room creates a Christmas experience year-round. Two floor to ceiling Nutcrackers act as bed posts in front of green bed curtains. A red and green felt present sit at the foot of the bed. A lovely skylight serves as an additional focal point in the room.

Chateau Monfort ballet suites

The suites resemble design accents of famous ballets and operas. Canopy drapes, surrounding the beds, seems to be a metaphor for theatrical curtains at an opera.

Uccello di Fuoco (The Firebird) Suite focuses on the Russian ballet by Igor Stravinsky, first performed in Paris in 1910. A royal blue purple couch and satin pillows reflect the intensely passionate ballet. A delicate canopy hangs over the bed with one lamp in the center of the bed. Another theme from the ballet includes a brass bird cage as well as painted red birds on the wall. A skylight next to the bed makes for a nice view of the stars in the evenings. The Junior Suite is one large room while the full Suite includes two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Some rooms include a sacred Turkish bath.

Chateau Monfort Puccini opera suites

Turandot Suite is thematically based on the Italian opera written by Franco Alfano and Giacomo Puccini. first performed in Milan in 1924. The room features a gold headboard and lounge cuddle couch, both surrounded by a gold canopy and lamps. Signature pieces from the play include the dragon headboard, stylish fan, and dress.

Madama Butterfly Suite is designed with the Italian opera by Giacomo Puccini in mind. Of course, the room features delicate butterflies in various hues of pink and yellow throughout the room on the drapes and bed canopy. Room colors include royal red and gold on the bedding, couch, chairs, and drapes. The more dramatic colors reflect this deeply intense opera love story. The Junior Suite is one room while the full Suite is two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Boheme Suite focuses on the famous Italian opera by Giacomo Puccini, first performed in 1896. The Suite keeps with the opera’s story of four bohemian artists: a poet, a painter, a musician, and a philosopher who live in an attic. The Suite is shaped like an attic with a slanted ceiling and a skylight with a soft curtain over the King bed. Old decorative fireplace and cute clothes hanging on clothes pins keeps with the Boheme theme. Both the Junior and full Suite are one room, to maintain the authenticity of the opera.

Chateau Monfort Verdi opera suites

Traviata Suite, inspired by the Italian opera written by Giuseppe Verdi in 1853. Neutral tones carried throughout the Suite create a subtly sweet space. Centered on 19th century design, the Suite includes elegant wood chairs and tables. The Junior Suite includes a double bed with a canopy while the full Suite includes two rooms with two double beds.

Chateau Monfort Cinderella opera suites

Finally, Cenerentola Suite focuses on the Italian opera’s version of Cinderella. Both the Junior and full Suite are completely open spaces with King beds and bathtubs. Light and airy rooms highlight gold accents, decorative velvet chairs, a woven dressing stand, and a fun bright orange pumpkin.

Chateau Monfort spa

The exquisite magical spa includes a Turkish bath where cool water trickles from the ceiling with a fountain in the middle. Fragrant floral scented cold showers surround the Turkish bath. Surrounding the Turkish bath, sit in a wet or dry sauna. Around the corner, swim in a cave like pool with a spider shaped chandelier and lights and bricks on the ceiling. Around the bend, sit and write or read in a cushioned lounge area. This is one of the best spas in the world. It is a deeply meditative experience to follow the traditional Turkish bath ritual. The spa facilities are available free if you book on their website or only €30 per person for your entire stay if you booked on another site. Simply call from your room while wearing your bathing suit and bathrobe and staff will unlock the spa area for you.

Personal experience

I highly recommend spending time at the spa. There was a peacefulness that I experienced in the underground spa that is very unique to this hotel.

To make your reservation:

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Location: Corso Concordia, 1 Milan IT 20129