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Sometimes colors appear the most vivid on darker days. When the sun is hiding, the colors of the buildings magnify and illuminate more vividly in the Italian fisherman town of Camogli. Located in the Northwest coast of Italy, just north of the more touristy Cinque Terre, this town provides a quiet retrieve from tourist attractions to allow for the authentic Italian experience to unfold.


Fisherman town of Camogli


At sunset, the town becomes quiet and the sound of waves crash and the surreal aqua blue water shimmers in the reflection under the last rays of sun.

While not an international tourist destination, Camogli has long been a favorite retreat for Italians on holiday. It is a tranquil experience to walk down the promenade and hear Italians chatting outside their stores and restaurants. A colorful rainbow of buildings connects including red, orange, pink, and yellow buildings with vivid shutter windows in green and orange.

While many Italian cities have late night gelatrias, this town closes down early, so get your gelato by 7pm. Fruit gelato such as strawberry or mango gelato in a cone contain the perfect sweetness, smooth texture, and cone crunch. A sunset gelato walk is always a good idea in Italy.

Where to stay in Camogli

Hotel Cenobio dei Dogi is the best hotel to stay. It even has ‘dogi’ in its name! It is dog-friendly and provides the best access to the promenade.

Rise early before breakfast and walk out to your balcony for a stunning view or walk to the pool for the ultimate tranquil experience. It will feel as if the entire hotel is yours! Your dog will love to walk the perimeter of the hotel and the promenade with you.

A full breakfast is included in your stay in the ocean view dining room and includes coffee, scrumptious croissants, fruit, and eggs.

Exclusive views of Camogli, the Camogli Gulf, and Portofino are available from the hotel.

Book your stay at the hotel website.

Address: Via Nicolò Cuneo, 34, 16032 Camogli GE, Italy

Number: +39-0185-7241

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